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I started buying some cheap cels, but in future I think I might try to concentrate on getting fewer, more expensive cels. I don't buy cels often so don't expect this gallery to update often...

If you know any details about the cels and sketches in my Unknown section, let me know :)

News & Updates

9/29/2008Added one Evangelion cel and two Banner of the Stars cels.
7/4/2008Added a couple of doujin cels for Kimagure Orange Road.
3/6/2008Added one Millennium Actress cel.
7/7/2007Added a couple of Banner of the Stars items.

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Title Last Updated
Bomberman 11/19/2005
Crest/Banner of the Stars 9/29/2008
Dragon Pink 11/19/2005
Genshiken 4/25/2007
Haibane Renmei 11/19/2005
Kimagure Orange Road 7/4/2008
Legendary Idol Eriko 11/19/2005
Macross 7 11/19/2005
Magical Stage Fancy Lala 11/19/2005
Millennium Actress 3/6/2008
Neon Genesis Evangelion 9/28/2008
Tenjou Tenge 2/18/2007
Unknown 11/19/2005
Whisper of the Heart 11/19/2005

Curator: Natsume Maya
Gallery Created: 11/19/2005
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